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Proposal of coordination to decorate photos

For customers who have taken newborn photos, we will propose coordination to decorate the photos at home.

We have taken Newborn Photographs with the desire to decorate your home with Newborn Photo as interior art. Even in a busy life such as childcare or work, when I suddenly look at the pictures displayed in the room, I remember when my child was born, always return to my original intention, and feel the love and bond again. I sincerely hope that you will spend a rich time at home.

All of Photopia's products are the highest quality professional prints used in fine arts. We will advise you on how to decorate a well-balanced and sophisticated photo while matching it with the interior.

We are hoping to help you leave your precious photos in the future for generations to come.

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☑️ I want to decorate my photos nicely and spend a good time at home.

☑️ I want to coordinate photos with my home furniture and interior and decorate them as art.

☑️ I want to decorate with Newborn Photo and other photos (wedding, baby kids photos, etc.).

☑️ I want to combine it with the photo I'm currently decorating and decorate it with other photos.

☑️ I want to decorate the highest quality prints that will not fade even after decades, so that children and grandchildren can take over.

Consulting flow on how to decorate photos

Fill out and send the inquiry form below

Hearing (email / Zoom screen call)

ex. We would like to ask you about the taste of the interior, how you want to keep your photos for the future, how you want to decorate them, and your current concerns.

Select room space and photo candidates you want to decorate

Please measure the wall surface and furniture.

Create display image drawing

Scale the frame, combine the photo display with the room photo, and create some coordination plans.

Meeting by Zoom screen call

At the time of purchase, we will assist you in setting up the frame.

Click here for the reference price of the framed panel

Inquiry form


After making an inquiry, send an email (or zoom screen call) to coordinate your photos.

We will hear about your wishes and concerns.

We will get back to you within a few business days.

If you do not receive the email, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please enter it again or directly.

Please email

Privacy policy (personal information protection policy)

We will manage the protection of your personal information with the utmost care.

We will use it for contacting and guiding you necessary for the operation of this service.

Thank you for sending.

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