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'Without a serious commitment to Safety, newborn photography sessions would not be possible.'


About Newborn Safety

Fotopia takes newborn safety very seriously, safety always comes first in every singe session.

It is very important to have the knowledge and skills to handle newborns safely at the same time creating beautiful poses and images. 

Newborn Posing

It may seem very easy to pose the newborns, however it requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills in order to pose the newborns beautifully and safely.

Regulating the Heat 

Newborn's circulatory system is immature and the body temperatures can rise and drop quickly. Therefore requires constant monitoring and regulations of the room temprature. 

Hygiene Controls 

We use only washable clothes and props to protect the baby's sensitive skin.

The washing detergents and softeners we use are baby safe products. 

Many of the items are handmade and we make sure that the items are made in an environment where there are no pets and no smokers.

Newborn Soothing Techniques

Soothing techniques are very important to a successful session.  There are various of techniques such as swaddling, shushing, swinging and ways to avoid the unique newborn reflexes. 

Comfortable Environment for Babies and Mommies

It goes without saying that it is important to focus on recovery of the mother after childbirth.  We provide an In Home, on location style to secure the best environment fo the postpartum care for the mothers and the babies.

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