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Safety, Posing, Art


Online workshop

Program contents

One-on-one online

We are holding a workshop.

You can take classes from all over the country.

If you are interested in the workshop,

I will explain the details with zoom.

After hearing

Please consider taking the course.


Please feel free to contact us.

2 Days Private Workshop 









155,000 yen (tax included)

Day 1 Lecture (4.5 hr)

Day 2 Shooting practice (4-4.5 hr)

Another day follow-up (1.0 hr)

☑️ After taking the course, give assignments, retouching techniques, etc.

I will follow up.

☑️ Please see the details below for details.

Posing & Shooting

Online Workshop 


Hone your posing and shooting skills

Online workshop

88,000 yen  (tax included)

Shooting practice (4 --4.5 hr)

☑️ Those who have learned the basics of Newborn Photo can take this course.

☑️ For details, please check the shooting contents below

Please give me.

☑️ It is possible to focus on areas that you are not good at.

☑️ Follow-up after shooting .

☑️ We also lend out photopia props and accessories. If you wish, you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee.

* There is a discount for Photopia workshop students.


Online Workshop 


Polish Photoshop retouching technology

Improve photo quality

Online workshop

39,800 yen  (tax included)

Retouch course (2.5 hr)

+ Follow-up (40 mins)

☑️ We will teach you according to your needs, such as those who want to learn Photoshop from the basics and those who want to further improve their skills.

☑️ After taking the course, you will be asked to submit the actual retouched photo and comment on it.

* There is a discount for Photopia workshop students.



  | Course contents |

  1. What is Newborn Photo?

  2. Hygiene management / health management

  3. Newborn characteristics and measures to ensure baby safety

  4. Communication with customers / communication with postpartum moms

  5. Schedule management

  6. Protect the studio / photographer (disclaimer, contract details, etc.)

  7. About branding and marketing

  8. How to determine the menu and price

  9. Types of poses

  10. Posing flow

  11. Where to get props and accessories (recommended vendors)

  12. Acquisition of PHOTOSHOP retouching technology

  | Contents of shooting practice (baby shooting) |

  1. How to shoot in natural light

  2. How to wrap a swaddle

  3. Efficient posing flow that does not interfere with the baby's sleep (however, Froggie Pose, a cheek cane pose with the elbows upright, is not performed)

  4. Forming a beautiful and well-balanced pose. How to make a base and pillow.

  5. Camera angle. Even with the same pose, the quality of the photo will change depending on the angle.

  6. How to increase variation by styling

  7. How to handle a baby. How to sleep comfortably

  8. Communication with customers

  9. Practical and safeguarding efforts

☑️ For practical skills, we will ask you to connect your PC and smartphone to zoom, show the photographer's hands and baby, and give detailed guidance such as posing.

In addition, in order to explain in an easy-to-understand and speedy manner, we will explain using a simulated doll dedicated to Newborn Photo.

☑️ We also rent out props and accessories used by Photopia. If you wish, you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee.

* Course content is subject to change without notice. The contents at the time of application will be applied.

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