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​Please be sure to read before applying. Please apply after agreeing to these precautions.

■ We will give due consideration to the safety of children during photography, but fotopia photographer Satoko Iida cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents, so please keep an eye on your children.


■ We are not responsible for any accidents such as damage to furniture furniture, damage to luggage, loss, or theft.



■ If your child has a chronic illness or allergies, or if you have expensive furniture or furnishings, please be sure to consult us in advance to ensure safety. Please make your own judgment, including the physical condition of your child.



■ Satoko Iida owns the copyright of the photos taken. If you wish to use it for commercial purposes, please contact us.



■ We pay close attention to the management and maintenance of photography equipment. In the unlikely event that equipment trouble occurs, we will take a picture again or refund the payment amount.



■ If a person living with fotopia photographer Satoko Iida has an unavoidable situation such as an infectious illness, injury, accident, etc. that makes shooting difficult, change or cancel the shooting schedule. Please note that we may ask you to do so.



If you have any questions, please contact us from the Contact Form.

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