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Including the new coronavirus of Photopia

Measures against infectious diseases

About a year has passed since the spread of the new coronavirus, but unfortunately the number of infected people is large in Tokyo, and it has not yet converged. It has been found that a certain percentage of infected people have no symptoms as a characteristic of the new coronavirus infection, and it is possible that everyone is a carrier of the new virus.


Therefore, if we visit your home to take a picture of your baby and take a newborn photo, you may run the risk of getting infected. Please consider shooting in consideration of such risks.


Please note that it may be changed as appropriate in consideration of future social conditions.


In addition, if you request a photo shoot and it is confirmed that your family has been infected after the photo shoot, we cannot be held responsible for the infection. Similarly, we do not take any responsibility for our infection to our customers.


Customers who apply for Newborn Photographs are deemed to have read and agreed to this document before completing the application procedure. Thank you very much.

Countermeasures against infectious diseases including the new coronavirus

1. About daily infectious disease measures (including measures for family members living together)

  • Wearing a mask when going out, disinfecting hands, washing hands

  • Daily temperature measurement and physical condition check

Cold symptoms (mild) such as fever (37.5 degrees or higher), malaise, headache, sore throat, cough, runny nose, low-grade fever

(Including symptoms), check if there is more than smell and taste

  • Check if there is any contact with a positive person with the contact confirmation app of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare l Prohibition of the following actions

Visit a crowded, closed (more than 20 minutes in a poorly ventilated space), close (meeting with non-family members) or suspicious areas within the last two weeks

Contact someone who has traveled abroad within the last two weeks

2. About accessories and props used at the time of shooting

Small items and props used for shooting should be washed and disinfected in advance.

* See

3. Move to your home

Always wear a mask. Transportation When using public transportation, avoid busy hours and routes.

4. Measures at the time of shooting and requests to customers

  •   After arriving at home, wash your hands and disinfect your hands. Also, change your clothes and change to a new mask before you start preparing for shooting.

  • Wear a mask and frequently disinfect your hands with alcohol during the shoot. During shooting, or it will be hydration to avoid heat stroke Suka 's, also hand-washing and hand disinfection thereafter.

  • Ventilate by opening windows as much as possible during and after shooting.

  • Please cooperate so that it will not be crowded in the room where you are shooting. l Customers are also requested to wear masks.

5. When shooting is canceled or postponed

In the following cases, it will be canceled or postponed.


Target audience:

  • Live with us or our family (including children)

  • Customers or their family members (including children)



  • If you have cold symptoms (including mild symptoms) such as fever (37.5 degrees or higher), malaise, headache, sore throat, cough, nasal discharge, and low-grade fever. If

  • When the number of infected people increases, such as when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government issues a state of emergency

  • If you come into contact with someone who has traveled abroad (or has returned to Japan) within the past two weeks

  • If you have visited a dense, closed (more than 20 minutes in a poorly ventilated space), close (meeting with someone other than your family) or suspicious location within the last two weeks

If an infectious disease is discovered, we will contact you immediately. In addition, please be sure to report any outbreaks that occur to you or your family members living with you.


We also ask for your cooperation in downloading the contact confirmation app (COCOA) to your smartphone when you apply.


Thank you for your understanding in order to protect the lives and health of your baby and mother.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much.

Photopia Satoko Iida

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